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Rev. Dr. Charles R. Winston JR.
                                                      Building A Kingdom for God.

The book of Hebrews offers Christians the encouragement we need to stay in the race of faith. There are many distractions to get believers side tracked. After many times of being frustrated and disappointed, repeating our mistakes, neglecting our commitments or losing our motivation, You ask, "What is the use? Is it worth the struggle it takes to grow and mature in Jesus?" Thatís exactly how the first readers of the book of Hebrew must have felt. Yet the writer of this epistle cheers for them to stay on track and never quit. Making them aware that it is only possible by "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith." It is this Jesus that is revealed to us in Hebrews more completely than any other place in the Bible, Hebrew 1:1 "God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in times past to the fathers by the prophets." The Old Testament alone does not tell the whole story. Godís revelation is progressive and incomplete over the centuries of the Old Testament. The final Word of God is found in Jesus Christ.
The writer of Hebrews inspired by the Holy Spirit does not say examine yourselves, He says look to Jesus, fix your eyes on Jesus the author and finisher of our faith, (12:2). Jesus is the center of everything He is Heir, Creator, Revealer Of God, Deity and He Is Sustainer (upholder) Of All Things By The Word Of His Power. Jesus holds all things together, He holds you in His hand. So stop looking in all the wrong places and start looking at, believing in and focusing on Jesus IF WE ARE GOING TO BUILD A KINGDOM FOR GOD.
I know we are all concerned about our future, about our health, about an unhappy marriage, about our happiness, about our money, about our feelings, about our kids, about our circumstances, about our needs, about ourselves, ourselves, ourselves. Listening to the answer is to focus on Jesus. Trust him for everything; He holds all things together including our life. Matthew 7:13, "Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it." I say this kindly and with love, some of us need to make a U-turn on the broad way its wide enough for you to do that. Literally put on the brakes, slow down and begin to turn our life in a new direction. If you are moving away from God, begin moving in the opposite direction and "draw near ď (Heb. 10:22) to God.

                                                          God bless you all.
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